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Performance Lab Technologies (PL Tech) is a part of the Performance Lab Group.

PL Tech designs automated technology and programs for biomechanical sizing, physiological testing, exercise and health prescription, and coaching and training systems.

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Jon Ackland

The Jon Ackland Story

Whether he’s working with the All Blacks, America’s Cup crews, or the next generation of elite endurance athletes, Jon is the guru of high performance. He is an internationally regarded exercise physiologist and sports performance consultant with over 20 years’ experience in high performance analysis and motivation.

Jon enjoys outstanding results with his athletes, with multiple world titles and international success. He is the author of nine books on high performance and endurance training, two of which are used as University texts (the bestselling Power to Perform and Complete Guide to Endurance Training).

In the area of sports performance technology, Jon is a prodigious serial inventor and has developed a wide range of successful training systems and products.

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